Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where is the Passion?

While listening to my pastor preach something he said hit me, though I can't exactly remember the context it was something to the effect where is your passion for the Holy Spirit and the Word of God? This got me to thinking, "Hmmmm, where is my passion?" I mean do I really have a passion for God's Word? And if there is indeed a passion is bigger than the rest of my so called "Passions"? Do I love the Bible and the truth that it contains more than say Carolina Basketball? Well as of now, yes. But if UNC were going to the National title game would I be more excited about that or the fact that Jesus died on the cross for me? Hmmm wow that's convicting for me.
I think I lose my passion for the word in the midst of my everyday life.
                   I know that we cannot be perfect and that the Word of God cannot actually be on our minds every second of our lives, we after all Human. But what if every Christian devoted themselves to the Bible with even just a little passion, then it would eventually grow into a bigger passion and love for God's Word.and then they would be so full of passion they would not be able to help but tell others about our "Passion". I think if we could all be a little more excited about the Word of God, it would be easier to "sell" it to non-believers. That might not be the best wording but it is somewhat true that people are more likely to "buy" the Gospel if we ourselves can explain how truly exciting and life changing it is. I mean if am not excited about something, it's impossible to get other people excited about if you know what I'm saying.
                   So let's encourage one another in our pursuits of loving God's Word more than any other thing in the world. Let's start a revolution in our Churches and get excited about the Bible! Let's be salt and light to this crooked and twisted generation