Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God's 2 Hours

"You should come to youth group."
"Maybe, I have homework to do."
"Oh come on 2 hours won't hurt you."
Eh, such is a conversation I had with a friend Sunday morning. This person didn't come to youth group.Okay so I understand the whole ox in a ditch thing and if you really do need those 2 hours for extra studying time I'm all for it but I can't imagine being so busy as to not have your work for Monday done by 5pm Sunday night every single week of the school year I mean really, 2 hours is not that long and whycould you just study when you get home?
    I remember somewhere in the not so distance past I just didn't want to go to church somedays, I just sleep in and watch the NFL today and I absolutely resented the fact that I had to listen to a 45 minute sermon while the Panthers were warming up for another glorious day of football. Surprisingly that has changed a full 180 degree turn, I now enjoy Sunday worship more than football games after all the time spent with God gives me refreshment that TV doesn't. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch football and if there is nothing else to do on Sunday afternoons I love to lay on the couch a doze of while watching the Panthers get trounced by the NFL's best.The trick is not setting it above God.
       So what's getting in the way of going to youth group guys is it really homework? Or is it a distraction? Or could it be that the people in your youth group just aren't cool enough for you? Perhaps all 3? You see even though you may not like the people in youth group, that's not the point though it helps, it is really about learning about your faith and grounding yourself in that faith. Liking the people or having fun just sort of happens through having the right attitude. So I guarantee, unless your youth group is  just all about fun and the people there aren't there for spiritual reasons more like fun and cute girls and guys, that God can use youth group to connect you with believers your age and of your generation after all guys its our turn soon to rule the world so to speak we are the next generation of the church and the more we can learn and grow now the more helpful we will be in building the kingdom.
        What sacrifice are you going to make? Are you going to go all out for Christ or is your regular 4 hours of TV more important to you? Or your many hours of school? I know that a teenager can be busy and that sometime it just doesn't work out I understand but are you willing to sacrifice, am I willing to sacrifice things of this world for Jesus after all he gave his life can you give him an extra 2 hours on a Sunday night?