Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today in history class I learned about Britain's "poor time" following WW2. The government at the time took over every major industry and the system was "cradle to grave" socialism.  Wouldn't that be nice America? The government giving you a house, a car, free healthcare and all you needed to survive, sounds like a good deal but it is completely a bad idea.
      The way I heard my teacher is that the British economy failed during this time because of an unchanging market run by the government. There was no sense of achievement, no advances no improvements. Britain was at a stand still in their economic growth and they were given the title of "Europe's sick man" because it was such a poor country. I'm not an expert but the evidence points to socialism causing this economic collapse. Hmmm and Obama want's to nationalize healthcare. Free healthcare to all! Well you get what you pay for is all I have to say. It seems like a nobrainer to me not to have national healthcare and keep it a free market. Otherwise who knows what kind of trouble we will get into. Is it just me or did Obama not pay attention in history class, if he did he would know that socialism does not work. Ah America the land of the Free. Yeah, sure, people really don't know what that means anymore, it doesn't mean that the government will or is supposed to take care of you. It means your rights are not infringed upon.
          Kids it time we start understanding politics and understanding what this country has founded upon. It was not founded to give people everything, it was founded to make that possible. If my generation believes that they should get all that they want without work, then we are headed for dark and poor times. I pray that young men and women will raise up and go against the flow and stand up for what's right. I hope that someday we can start a revolution and get this country back on track and understanding what true freedom is. Because its sure as Heck not "cradle to the grave" socialism.
                                                                                                                                Peace out