Thursday, April 8, 2010

What the Cuss!?

 When I was little I once had to rinse my mouth out with vinegar for saying the "D-word". Needless to say that I have been very reluctant to spit out any expletives in front of people. Its almost like I can taste the vinegar in my mouth, not fun. But when people are far out of ear shot I usually feel liberated to mutter obscenities at every little difficult thing that I encounter. I DO NOT condone this!! And I do hope that someday I will not feel the need to be so angry that I want to curse, by the Grace of God only though will I ever be able to do this.
           Now that I have shown my own problem with the issue of cursing I hope that I won't sound hypocritical since I am writing this more for myself than for anybody else. You see I hate cursing and feel like as a Christian, a huge way I can separate myself from the world. After all cursing isn't really Christ-Like, would Jesus say jokingly "Damn You!", I don't think he would since he really knew how horrible Hell is. Or would he say "What the Hell?" when he could not understand something or when he was startled, I think not. Yes I realize that we are human and can't be perfect. But I do believe it should be relatively easy to exclude expletives from our vocabulary. You Feel Me?
            For most teens I'd say cursing is just to look cool and grown up but that isn't cool. I can understand cursing under certain conditions like your about to get blown up, or you were surprised attacked by terrorists and a bullet is lodged in your leg or something very traumatizing, but to curse at every little thing like the kids outside the Barnes and Noble in Biltmore Park "Man I'm so effing tired" would not just "tired" suffice? When I went to basketball camp in the 8th grade I had never heard so much cussing in one day. The dreaded F bomb was dropped mercilessly upon my ears and I was no longer a sheltered little homeschooler. But why is saying things that are offensive cool? I don't think they are but it's America right? Ugh I guess it is.
             So my challenge to myself and to you reading this is to standout in the way we talk. Conducting our selves in the paths of righteousness. Who knows people might want to what is different about you and why you don't cuss or curse or swear and thus leading into an opportunity  to share the Gospel. 


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today I am visiting The University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill. It is a really pretty place with a lot of pretty people. The youths walk to and fro to their classes seeking a superior knowledge of the university. Ok maybe not..... But anyways as I was touring the campus with my brother and his girlfriend we were stopped by a girl that was publicizing a movement against organized religions, mainly Christianity. She had this board that people were signing with all their thoughts on "religion" one of my favorite quotes from there was "I have my own morals that are not based on the Bible and they are good enough for me." Hmmm really? What are they? Another thing is what's wrong with "organized" religion? Well these people might think I'm crazy but organized religion is better than unorganized  religion. My thinking is that chaos is a device of the Devil used to discombobulate us, read Lord of the Flies and you can see why it is good that God gave us structure in the Church as well as in Christianity. I'm mean we would really are like those boys on that island without any "grown ups" without God. Whether people realize it or not God is in control and if he wasn't our sinful nature would not be restrained and the result would be utter chaos. Does that make sense? It does to me.
                Living by our own set of morals just doesn't work because we are human, we have a sinful nature that consumes us and as a result we cannot do "good" without the Holy Spirit. But really any good that we do is not even close to the good that God does and is. That's why Jesus died. So we wouldn't have to live up to the impossible standards set by God. Only a misled fools can believe that they're set of morals is indeed good. You might say this is narrow minded but I have been brainwashed to believe that it is the right. From an early age I have been taught Christianity and been indoctrinated in that thinking and taught that everything else is wrong and that there is only one way to Heaven etc etc. but I don't think I was brainwashed. Of course maybe I've been brainwashed so well that I'm beyond coming to my own thinking. Hmmm I don't think so.
               Anyway that's my shpeel (?) of the day hope it wasn't too confusing. And no I didn't edit it sorry I'm lazy and pressed for time