Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Bye Dixie

So my dog died today. After a long struggle to survive her heart finally stopped ticking and Dixie no longer greets me with her tail wagging after I come home from a long day of school and busyness. Sad day.  

Other adventures included  "parkour" with Anthony in David's yard. Anthony is pretty good at it, I....suck. But hey I did some rolls and jumped off some walls. Baby steps I suppose. Oh and I got up to watch the Royal Wedding. Ok I'm lying but that would have been a fun thing to do. hmm oh well.

Well my attitude was a little worse today--day 6 since I went on my quest-- I am going to blame this on lack of sleep and lack of coffee. I'm still very tired and have another long day tomorrow. Time to buckle down and grin and bear it.  
Gotta bounce (into bed)!

Daily Muscle Watch:.........zzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzzzzzz 

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was fun. I didn't do a lick of math and I was out of the house the entire day.

This morning I finally drank my first cup of coffee without drinking a glass of water down behind it. Yeah I drink it black. I have discovered that is the manly way of drinking it. It actually has come to become a pleasant taste. Who knew? --Billions of others I would assume. 

Well, I have explored Asheville's more ghettoish places that I did not know existed and found some intense roads that were extremely fun to drive.  Ah driving stick in the mountains is sooo much fun!!

What will I do next?  Still haven't  done any parkour I still need to just go out and do it... 

Anyway.... Peace Out

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup monitor: 65 pushups a minute  Situp: 39 situps in a minute

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hmmm..... What now?

Has my enthusiasm puttered out at day 5? I haven't done anything very adventurous today.  But I think that's ok sometimes.... there are days--like this one-- that are mundane. I have yet to discover how to avoid these sullen days of gray but I am without a doubt working on it... Of course a math quiz that has taken most of my life to finish and a complete rejection of focus doesn't help either.

I am, sadly, tired and things are much harder when one can not think because one is so tired... just thought of somehting crazy todo... stay up all night doing math. Crazy. hmmm Let's turn this into an adventure. How many math labs can I get done between 12 and 2 am? Hahaha Yes! I found it! I found my calling! I am staying up until 2 doing math homework, who knows maybe I'll get ahead! Ugh at the same time the mind must be fresh to really do a good job at math, but it's worth a shot and since I haven't done anything crazy yet might as well... what have I to lose? well sleep I guess but who cares? 

Hmmm no witty anecdote or exciting thing to tell of.  Oh well sorry for wasting your precious time.

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup Monitor: 60 in a minute...not to shabby...for a girl. Sit Up Monitor: 38 in a minute...still incredibly chubby.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running Across the Street

Glorified garbage is still, at the end of the day, garbage. I will not pretend to do anything special, and I'm not going to brag about anything I've done, mainly because I haven't really done anything...

 Today's adventures included running across tunnel road from Cook Out to Pet Smart, consuming a whole tube of ketchup plain and driving up Winding Ridge Rd.

Winding Ridge Road was really cool. a steep road to a bunch of empty housing lots. Driving on the curvy roads was a highlight... Yeah, school is still in... My creativity is not very high, and my will power is still not up to par but I'm not going to expect to much out of the first 4 days...I actually sort of liked ketchup...a short jog across 5 lanes was not that hard considering I live in Asheville. Man I love cookout fries...

I'm still laughing at the ridiculousness of all this. Why? Why? Why must I prove my manhood? hmmm.... maybe because I want to, maybe because I feel like I will get the girl, maybe I genuinely want to become a more well rounded person, whatever the reason I still just like not being depressed. 

Finding joy in the Journey. That's what I'm finding out how to do. Keeping Christ in the center and putting others ahead of myself is the key.

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup monitor: 57 in a minute....yikes I'm a shrimp Situp Monitor: 37....Long way to go...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 3

Phew! The energy buzzing around is crazy and I have started to see the effect that a positive attitude has on ones surroundings.  I still got really tired today and took a nap but my overall attitude towards today's problems I am happy with. Today is today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Today Spanish and Math posed threats to my attitude but I remained positive and had a lot more fun with it than I expected---- Conic Sections are interesting though I did fall asleep in math class for a few seconds...sorry Mrs. Sullivan I really do like the way you teach I just stayed up way to late last night...anyway... today I found my way home a little differently. I used the back roads and went through AVL's ghetto, a place I am not at all familiar with and eventually got to the back to the main roads. This led me to interesting thought. What makes a main road a main road? Why did that restaurant come  there or why is the Civic Center where it is? Does anybody really know? I don't but I'd love to know. And so begins my quest to find all of Asheville's back Roads!

The new foods that I more or less revisited were mustard and lettuce on my sandwich.  OOOhhh my gosh what an adventure! yeah yeah go ahead and laugh at me but this is how lame I actually am!  No real adventures... Maybe I'll skip class tomorrow!...nah... Maybe I'll skip the final... Anyway, I liked a little bit of mustard and lettuce on my ham and cheese sandwich, they complemented it. I also tried some Potato Salad... It was ok, but the texture of it seemed a little gross... but hey I tried it!

In other news, Libya is still in rebellion and Gaddafi has pulled his troops away from Misurata. Charlie Sheen was dumped over texting and I drank coffee for the second morning in a row...

My goal is to work up to real adventure, right now I'm just taking steps to becoming a less fragile person. No one like a picky eater, so eating different foods is a big deal for me. More things are to come!
Hahaha! I still laugh at this whole thing, for my pursuits are indeed laughable. Who do I think I am anyway? And honestly how long could this enthusiasm last? I hope that I do not lose my joyful attitude and I hope that I will always try new things. I hope that I will not get easily discouraged and that I will become a man of God.

 Peace Out yo

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup monitor: 56 pushups in a minute                          Situp Monitor: 32 situps in a minute

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hahaha, man that's funny. Reading my older post from my thoughtful self  I find it increasingly ironic that I am finally deciding to toughen up and improve my character. What happened to February and March? Ah anyway it's fun to look back and see that sometimes you get what you ask for... Hard times--well sort of--check. I also love being right, 2011 is all about character, getting tough and staying tough. 2011 is also going to be a great year! Er, School year.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Red Peppers and Humus

So I slept out on my roof with just my sleeping bag and a pillow last night, not the best night of sleep I've ever had but the stars were out and the night was a fragrant spring night. The kind of Spring night where you know everything is going to be alright and God is in control of the universe. Anyway not the most adventurous thing but hey baby steps.

My little escapade last night gave a greater idea of getting lost in the woods and find my using the stars. oh yeah it's going down.  

HA! Take that taste buds! I made war on my pickiness and ate red peppers with my salad--I loved them--and ate humus on baked pita chips--humus is alright, not the best dip but it was good. Shocking my mouth, I drained all five ounces of coffee followed by three glasses of water. Go ahead laugh. I find it funny too. Anyway, not anything too exciting but like I said, baby steps. 

 Peace Out!

Muscle Watch:
Daily pushup monitor 50 in a minute...improvement Daily situp monitor 30 in a minute....fatty