Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Hey all who are still reading this I first would like to apologize for not writing more. I wish i could give you an excuse but the truth is I just don't really have one.

So I don't really keep up with pop culture that much I'm not into gossip and all that junk but I do check on the scene every once in a while. Funny nothing really changes though. Its all adulterous and completely saturated with lust.

What saddens me is how the entertainment industry perverts teens. If I had a talented kid I wouldn't let them out of my sight and I wouldn't let them sign unless certain rules were laid down or else my kid could end up like Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears, no thanks I don't want my little girls turning into a trashy pop singer. My question what happens to these kids? Why do they become something that they shouldn't  be allowed to be? I hate to see a somewhat innocent girl like Miley Cryus  become what she has these past few years. She is not someone who I'd let my kids listen to. What's worse is that Miley claims to be a Christian.....What? Really? Then why are your outfits so slutty and your lyrics godless? Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with partying in the USA but the partying that she refers to isn't exactly what would be the picture of good clean fun.  I mean if you are going to claim to be a Christian, act like it if not please don't pretend to love God with all your heart while you immodestly show yourself to the world and act like any other pop star would.  
Its always been this way I suppose, godless entertainment. And when Christians try to be "Christian" entertainers in ends up being pretty cheesy and not very wholesome. So maybe we aren't really meant to be entertained? Nah that can't be it. Maybe Christians just don't get to have fun. Nah that's not it. Then what is "it"? How do we stay in the world but not conform to it like Miss Cyrus? By God's grace alone and through looking at the media with a careful lens and not letting the complete godlessness over take our values. We as Christians must have higher standards, its hard but we have to fun in ways that don't throw our morals in the ditch.

So Miley, put some clothes on honey and sing about something more gratifying than LA parties. Oh and lets be discerning and wise about what we fill our minds with shall we?