Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's Try Somthing New

For years and years--17 to be exact-- I have been held back by the fear of only being average at things. I have never been one to explore or take risks, but I feel like now that I'm so close to becoming a man I must make an endeavor to do things that I wouldn't usually do. The creativity must start somewhere so why not here in my room? 
First on the things to try is sleep on the roof. Ok not that adventurous but it's a start. Hmm if anyone reads this feel free to make suggestions!

Oh how I long to be free from the chains of normalcy and comatose. The burdens of worry and fear encompass my being. It is time for change. A time for doing things out of the ordinary and making my way to becoming extraordinary.

Now that I have spoken my peace, time to prepare for a night on the roof!

 Peace Out!

Daily Muscle Watch.
Oh and the daily pushup monitor is at 46 pushups in a minute....Whew got of work to do! The daily situp monitor is at 28 in a minute....fatty.