Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red Peppers and Humus

So I slept out on my roof with just my sleeping bag and a pillow last night, not the best night of sleep I've ever had but the stars were out and the night was a fragrant spring night. The kind of Spring night where you know everything is going to be alright and God is in control of the universe. Anyway not the most adventurous thing but hey baby steps.

My little escapade last night gave a greater idea of getting lost in the woods and find my using the stars. oh yeah it's going down.  

HA! Take that taste buds! I made war on my pickiness and ate red peppers with my salad--I loved them--and ate humus on baked pita chips--humus is alright, not the best dip but it was good. Shocking my mouth, I drained all five ounces of coffee followed by three glasses of water. Go ahead laugh. I find it funny too. Anyway, not anything too exciting but like I said, baby steps. 

 Peace Out!

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JoJo said...
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JoJo said...

I found a sleeping bag. I knew you had mine...ok I will...maybe