Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ah Spring!

Finally! The Sun decided to get closer to this side of the world and bid us to shed our big coats and our layers and enjoy the warmth after an incredibly long winter. Ah I love spring! 
         Riding shotgun in one of my best friend's car, the sunroof of his sporty VW rolled back and the windows down, I start to how truly amazing and wonderful God is. I know it sounds cliche but if you really ponder the Sun, the trees, and the green grass, all of these creations being wonderfully complex and absolutely ingenious, they deserve at least some if not a lot of our praise.
        A question I asked myself is: do I really take God's glory serious and am I ready to proclaim it front of my teenage friends? I mean how would you react if one of your friends walks into study hall and proclaims "Man God is awesome! Look outside at the world he made and how wonderful it is! Isn't it God great!" Everybody in the room would have that look on their faces that says "That guy/girl needs some help." But really, why consider that weird? After all we say things are awesome all the time such as "DUDE! THAT SONG IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" (emphasis added) So why not "DUDE GOD IS TOTALLY AWESOME!" or is that just a terrible and socially unacceptable taboo? Hmmm what say you? I say that teens today aren't focused on the beauty of things they are too worried about being called "gay" and too worried about being cool. Trust me I know (and no I'm not a doctor), I am that teenager.
          What if we "teens" could become uncool and call God AWESOME? Because in reality we are nothing close to being as awesome as God. What if we reminded each other of how totally awesome and wonderful God is just like we share how awesome that new pop song is? Wouldn't that be a sight, " Hey man isn't God just so AWESOME!?" instead of the usual "Dude wasn't that an awesome game last?" Or "That (whatever "that" is....fill in the blank) is so awesome!" Don't get me wrong I love talking about awesome things that my piers think are awesome I think they are awesome too but awesome with a little "a" if you catch my drift. I believe that we really don't even think about God throughout the regular day, much less talk about Him and His Awesomeness, after all that would be uncomfortable. 
             As I was saying, today was a wonderful day. Mostly sunny, in the 70's. I would challenge you to look at God's creation on days like today and just think how great our God is!
                                                                                                                        Peace Out

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Anonymous said...

Josiah, I agree completely with you. 'Awesome' should be a word reserved for God alone. I mean if you really dissect the meaning of the word, you would ask yourself how you could ever apply it to anything but God.
Nice insight, I like the questions that you are raising.