Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 3

Phew! The energy buzzing around is crazy and I have started to see the effect that a positive attitude has on ones surroundings.  I still got really tired today and took a nap but my overall attitude towards today's problems I am happy with. Today is today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Today Spanish and Math posed threats to my attitude but I remained positive and had a lot more fun with it than I expected---- Conic Sections are interesting though I did fall asleep in math class for a few seconds...sorry Mrs. Sullivan I really do like the way you teach I just stayed up way to late last night...anyway... today I found my way home a little differently. I used the back roads and went through AVL's ghetto, a place I am not at all familiar with and eventually got to the back to the main roads. This led me to interesting thought. What makes a main road a main road? Why did that restaurant come  there or why is the Civic Center where it is? Does anybody really know? I don't but I'd love to know. And so begins my quest to find all of Asheville's back Roads!

The new foods that I more or less revisited were mustard and lettuce on my sandwich.  OOOhhh my gosh what an adventure! yeah yeah go ahead and laugh at me but this is how lame I actually am!  No real adventures... Maybe I'll skip class tomorrow!...nah... Maybe I'll skip the final... Anyway, I liked a little bit of mustard and lettuce on my ham and cheese sandwich, they complemented it. I also tried some Potato Salad... It was ok, but the texture of it seemed a little gross... but hey I tried it!

In other news, Libya is still in rebellion and Gaddafi has pulled his troops away from Misurata. Charlie Sheen was dumped over texting and I drank coffee for the second morning in a row...

My goal is to work up to real adventure, right now I'm just taking steps to becoming a less fragile person. No one like a picky eater, so eating different foods is a big deal for me. More things are to come!
Hahaha! I still laugh at this whole thing, for my pursuits are indeed laughable. Who do I think I am anyway? And honestly how long could this enthusiasm last? I hope that I do not lose my joyful attitude and I hope that I will always try new things. I hope that I will not get easily discouraged and that I will become a man of God.

 Peace Out yo

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup monitor: 56 pushups in a minute                          Situp Monitor: 32 situps in a minute

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