Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running Across the Street

Glorified garbage is still, at the end of the day, garbage. I will not pretend to do anything special, and I'm not going to brag about anything I've done, mainly because I haven't really done anything...

 Today's adventures included running across tunnel road from Cook Out to Pet Smart, consuming a whole tube of ketchup plain and driving up Winding Ridge Rd.

Winding Ridge Road was really cool. a steep road to a bunch of empty housing lots. Driving on the curvy roads was a highlight... Yeah, school is still in... My creativity is not very high, and my will power is still not up to par but I'm not going to expect to much out of the first 4 days...I actually sort of liked ketchup...a short jog across 5 lanes was not that hard considering I live in Asheville. Man I love cookout fries...

I'm still laughing at the ridiculousness of all this. Why? Why? Why must I prove my manhood? hmmm.... maybe because I want to, maybe because I feel like I will get the girl, maybe I genuinely want to become a more well rounded person, whatever the reason I still just like not being depressed. 

Finding joy in the Journey. That's what I'm finding out how to do. Keeping Christ in the center and putting others ahead of myself is the key.

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup monitor: 57 in a minute....yikes I'm a shrimp Situp Monitor: 37....Long way to go...

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