Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ya Got to Deal with Consistency

Well I learned the use of the tab key. It really helps a ton these days and my computing life has ultimately transformed into a wonderworld of fast keystrokes.

So my endeavors to be more manly have been slowed and I have been desperately trying to get my attitude right but I have completely fallen into my old self. Like they say old habits die hard. But I haven't given up!   I will never give in, that is something that I have learned is to not quit even when you screw up you just have to keep trying, eventually you'll get the consistency that you want....

There's this great song by Barry White, "Get Up". He uses some language but not enough to be rated R or maybe even PG-13--anyway he speaks of doing something instead of sitting around--getting up-- and then staying consistent--stay up-- that is what I have to learn. God's grace be with me because Lord knows I'm bound to fail on my own strength...

No I haven't given up, I've just been a little busy.

Muscle Watch: zzzzz.....zzzz....zzzzzzzzz

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