Monday, May 2, 2011

Momentum Shift

Phew, What a weekend!!!.... Ok not really, in fact it was quite the opposite. I did school and worked... Nothing exciting....

Today was busy, Math for 5 hours in a day is not the best thing for my small brain. I received only a small lunch break for about 25 minutes... And now I'm taking a break from what should be another hour of studying history for my final test tomorrow.

It is hard for me to be creative when I am forced to learn things that kill creativity. Math does not inspire me with new ideas rather math says this is right and this is wrong don't try to get creative or you'll just screw the whole thing up.  History is a little different and does provide some ideas as to what to do with my life... Like maybe I'll become a Navy SEAL and kill terrorists like Osama bin Laden--Who is Now DEAD!!!! HooRAH! Oh yeah---Or perhaps I'll become a great politician and read off of teleprompters like Obama.--bleh-- But I don't think math is healthy for me. The only thing I have retained from math is that life has problems and sometimes the answers are imaginary and sometimes they are complex and sometimes there is no answer. Yikes, having no answer scares me. But really I'm having difficulty seeing beyond all my exams this week. I'm trying to take them out like a trained sniper of the scholastic infantry but my sights can't sit still long enough to take out my targets. But life goes on and eventually I'll make it through; the only other option I have is to die and that is something I cannot yeah looks like this week my see some reduction in blogging...nah I have to vent somehow.

AnyWay go have a few--drinks, cigarettes, Doughnuts, whatever you like-- Bin Laden is dead.

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