Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday

Yesterday was a good Friday. I'm not going to lie it was probably one of the best days I've had in a while. The day was warm and sunny, the perfect day for outside activity; you know the ones where it is just absolutely impossible to be inside, yeah, you know don't lie.  Anyway to make this pleasant Friday a good Friday I went golfing with three good buddies of mine and had a good time (yes there is a theme, and yes I know more than one word for good) Though I embarrassed myself horribly as I could hardly get the ball 3ft off the tee and on most holes exceeded the stroke limit, it was still a really good time. But what really topped this good Friday was the brilliance of my church's Good Friday service. Thus making my Good Friday, a good Friday
                It was humbling at the magnitude of sacrifice portrayed in the stringed arrangements written by Dr. Anthony Moore. I sat looking straight at the huge wooden cross hung directly behind the church choir, and as the stringed quartet played songs about Christ's death, chills went down my back for I realized that over 2,000 years ago my savior was crucified.
                 As the choir sang "Jesus Our Lord is Crucified" I was moved to utter humility. Nothing is more humbling to me than Christ's death. He being perfect and me being a sinner of horrific proportions is beyond my reckoning and it brought me close to tears, though being the self-conscious teenager I am I just had to hold those tears back, I know it's pitiful. But really all Christians should be moved to tears on Good Friday, it celebrates the day Jesus was crucified. This is sobering. Christ endured ALL the sins of the human race and felt the uncompromisable weight and magnitude of the world's sin. How can you not be moved? For me this is the most humbling and most awesome act of sacrifice ever. It was absolutely amazing, and nothing can describe the magnitude of this sacrifice.
             In this great sacrifice we as Christians have a great hope and a great joy that turns this horrific execution of our Lord into a wonderfully good thing. And so my Good Friday was more than a great game of golf and a sunny sky, this Friday my Holiness was achieved through Christ's Humongous sacrifice that paid for ALL of my sin. Lord thank you so much for a that Good Friday 2,000+ years ago!

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