Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was fun. I didn't do a lick of math and I was out of the house the entire day.

This morning I finally drank my first cup of coffee without drinking a glass of water down behind it. Yeah I drink it black. I have discovered that is the manly way of drinking it. It actually has come to become a pleasant taste. Who knew? --Billions of others I would assume. 

Well, I have explored Asheville's more ghettoish places that I did not know existed and found some intense roads that were extremely fun to drive.  Ah driving stick in the mountains is sooo much fun!!

What will I do next?  Still haven't  done any parkour I still need to just go out and do it... 

Anyway.... Peace Out

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup monitor: 65 pushups a minute  Situp: 39 situps in a minute

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