Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Bye Dixie

So my dog died today. After a long struggle to survive her heart finally stopped ticking and Dixie no longer greets me with her tail wagging after I come home from a long day of school and busyness. Sad day.  

Other adventures included  "parkour" with Anthony in David's yard. Anthony is pretty good at it, I....suck. But hey I did some rolls and jumped off some walls. Baby steps I suppose. Oh and I got up to watch the Royal Wedding. Ok I'm lying but that would have been a fun thing to do. hmm oh well.

Well my attitude was a little worse today--day 6 since I went on my quest-- I am going to blame this on lack of sleep and lack of coffee. I'm still very tired and have another long day tomorrow. Time to buckle down and grin and bear it.  
Gotta bounce (into bed)!

Daily Muscle Watch:.........zzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzzzzzz 

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