Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hmmm..... What now?

Has my enthusiasm puttered out at day 5? I haven't done anything very adventurous today.  But I think that's ok sometimes.... there are days--like this one-- that are mundane. I have yet to discover how to avoid these sullen days of gray but I am without a doubt working on it... Of course a math quiz that has taken most of my life to finish and a complete rejection of focus doesn't help either.

I am, sadly, tired and things are much harder when one can not think because one is so tired... just thought of somehting crazy todo... stay up all night doing math. Crazy. hmmm Let's turn this into an adventure. How many math labs can I get done between 12 and 2 am? Hahaha Yes! I found it! I found my calling! I am staying up until 2 doing math homework, who knows maybe I'll get ahead! Ugh at the same time the mind must be fresh to really do a good job at math, but it's worth a shot and since I haven't done anything crazy yet might as well... what have I to lose? well sleep I guess but who cares? 

Hmmm no witty anecdote or exciting thing to tell of.  Oh well sorry for wasting your precious time.

Daily Muscle Watch:
Pushup Monitor: 60 in a minute...not to shabby...for a girl. Sit Up Monitor: 38 in a minute...still incredibly chubby.

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